The price shown is the price per night per room.
This depends on the room type and rate selected. You can easily find this information in the rate details for each hotel.
Confirmations are sent within 10 minutes of booking, although sometimes it can take a couple of hours to receive the confirmation email. If you have not received your email confirmation, verify that your email provider did not block the email as spam.
If you received your confirmation, it's not necessary to reconfirm your booking you are already confirmed.
For most hotels, the primary guest must be at least 18 years of age on the day of check-in. For some hotels the minimum age requirement is older (usually 21 or 25), please check the hotel website for more details.
All special requests are subject to availability and cannot be guaranteed by Tripinc. We will forward your request to your preferred hotel upon receipt. Please follow up with the hotel upon arrival.
Early check-in and late check-out are subject to room availability, cannot be guaranteed by Tripinc and are usually chargeable.
Yes. But changes are subject to the terms and conditions you agreed to when you made the booking, and the hotel may not be able to refund you for any nights you don't end up staying.
Yes, you can cancel your booking, check the hotel's cancellation policy before making any changes to your booking. Non-refundable rooms and other special condition bookings can have a different cancellation policy. Please refer to cancellation information mentioned in the voucher.
We process the refunds within 72 hours, and payment goes back onto the card you used to make your booking. Please note that it may take your bank up to 4 weeks to process the refund
You may not get a refund for the unused part of your stay if you don't check in on the first day, and you might be charged the hotel's cancellation fee. Policies vary by hotel, so check your booking confirmation email for details on the hotel's change and cancellation policy.
We can't reinstate a cancelled booking. You'll need to make a new booking.
How do I use a coupon from an advertisement or promotion?

From time to time, Tripinc sends coupons to its customers, generally via e-mail. To use a promotional coupon, simply search for eligible travel, then enter your redemption code on the Redeem a coupon section of the Travelers detail page.

Some coupons don't have redemption codes and are automatically saved to your account. For those cases, please follow the instructions for using a coupon saved to your account.

How do I save an e-mailed coupon to my account?

If you receive a coupon via e-mail, you can save it to your account by clicking the link to claim your coupon. You may need to sign in before you can save your coupon to your account. Please note that the coupon will also be directly added to your account on Tripinc.com

How do I view my saved coupons?

To view your saved coupons, go to the My Coupons page. (You can access this page by clicking My Coupon tab in the header bar at the top of almost any page on the Tripinc site.) Then click My Coupons to access the coupons assigned to your account. If you're not signed in to your account, you will be asked to sign in before you can access your Coupons page.

How do I use a coupon saved to my account?

On the My Coupons page, you'll see all of your saved coupons. To use a coupon, copy the code. You can then designate travel and hotel specifics, including travel dates and traveller details. Once you complete the details, you can add the code on the right hand side corner of the rate details information of your purchase, the My Coupons page will then show that the coupon has been used, and the date on which it was used.

Why my coupon won't work?

If a message is displayed stating that your reservation does not meet the rules of the coupon, review the coupon's complete rules and restrictions, which can be accessed by clicking the coupon's Rules link. Make sure that you select a qualifying reservation in order to redeem the coupon.