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23 Hotels in sudan

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Beautiful natural wonders, ancient historical attractions and dramatic landscapes make up Sudan. Though the third largest country in Africa frequently gets mired into one controversy after the other,the natives of the country are known for their hospitality. Regardless, due to the civil wars, it is highly discouraged to travel to Sudan right now. Only, after the conflicts are resolved, one should choose to embark on a journey to visit the stunning destination.

Kick-start the trip by heading over to the capital - Khartoum. The roads of Omdurman straight lead to Sambat Bridge, an excellent locality to view the silt-laden waters of the reddish-brown Blue Nile waters merge with cleaner, lighter shades of the White Nile. Head over south for the man-made spectacle of the Gezira irrigation canals span almost 9,000 sq km of land for cotton production.

Along with Omdurman and Bahri, Khartoum is part of Sudan's unique 'three-towns capital'. Some of the highlights are Omdurman's camel market and the Arab souk. Be sure to visit the National Museum, with collections dating as far back as 6,000 years. Those who are keen on learning more about Sudan's recent history, visit Khalifa's House museum.

Be sure to explore the cities of the Red Sea's coastline - be it Port Sudan, Suakin and the Arous Tourist Village. If you manage the scorching heat, then take a trip to Erkowit, which is perched at 1,200m (3,930 ft) above sea level and houses a stunning resort offering stunning panoramic views and green vegetation. Sudan is home to a thriving diving industry that is associated with Red Sea's port Sudan from where scuba expeditions are led to numerous sites, including Jacques Cousteau's underwater village and Sanganeb reef.

One can choose to walk around the ruins of Old Dongola, one of Sudan's beautiful archaeological site. Some of the reminders include several dozen churches, though the most prominent survivor is the huge Throne Hall, which was erected between the 9th and 10th centuries. Re-visit past by heading over to the biggest ancient temple complexes in Sudan - Musawarart. Pilgrims can stroll along the column of the Great Enclosure to examine the carved walls exhibiting the animals that once inhabited the region. Moreover, other highlights includes the engraving of the marriage room and the elephant stables.

Known to be Sudan's most iconic site, the pyramids of Meroe are brick-built and steep-sided. Hikers will be pleased to hike through the Jebel Marra mountains. The extinct volcanoes of Jebel Marra, at over 3,000m (10,000ft) are the tallest point in the expansive Darfur region of western Sudan. It is peppered with beautiful scenic beauty, tiny traditional villages, volcanic lakes and a gentle Mediterranean climate.

Be sure to spend some time at the Dinder National Park, spanning over 6,475 sqkm (2,500 sq miles) south-east of Khartoum on the Ethiopian border. It is home to around 27 species of huge mammals including big cats and giraffes. It also offers habitats for a huge variety of bird-life flying between Europe and Africa, including pelican, kingfishers and the stunning crown crane.

When it comes to shopping, head over to the souk for they are loaded with stalls selling food, local crafts, spices, jewellery and silver. Some of the delicacies to be consumed are Goraasa be dama - Beef stew peppered with tomato, green pepper, cardamom and cinnamon, Ful - mashed fava beans with a tomato and chilli sauce and Tamia - Sudanese falafel.

The stay options in Sudan are abundant with the best luxury hotels, swanky apartments and cheap accommodations available. The tourists can decide which kind they prefer based on their budget and taste. The best time to visit Sudan would be from November, December and January where temperatures are relatively pleasant.