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The Arab countries have always held a fascinating appeal to outsiders due to it's fierce preservation of it's culture and roots despite it being a 21st century dynamic force to be reckoned with. But the task of exploring these Middle-Eastern nations can be quite daunting and overwhelming due to their strict religious policies. Kick off the tour by visiting Jordan for the country is known to be one of the most liberal and modern Arab country in the globe.

This ancient Arab kingdom is characterized by it's breathtaking and picturesque scenery and imposing historical structures. Start your holiday by heading over to the Jordanian capital, Amman. Even though it is renowned for being one of most progressive and urban cities in the Middle-East, the metropolis is packed in with numerous ancient historical monuments and a glorious heritage to boot. Several notable sightseeing points to look at are the Temple of Hercules in the Citadel, the famous Hejaz Railway Station, the ultra-modern Rainbow Street and so forth.

Classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and being part of the New Seven Wonders of the World, the fabled and enchanting rose red city of Petra lives up to every bit of the hype it generates. It became a major tourist attraction after the classic Steven Spielberg movie, Indiana Jones and the Last Crucade was shot in the premises. The long, winding sandstone canyon called the Siq with it's colorful carvings and sandstone patterns on the rocky walls is just as breathtaking and remarkable to witness it first-hand as it is in the pictures. The Al-Khazneh (Tresaury) is simply awe-inspiring in it's grandeur and be sure to take some time to soak in the marvellous piece of structure standing tall in front of you. Other highlights are Streets of Facades, 7000-seat Roman Theater, Royal Tombs and the Monastery.

Also called as the 'Valley of the Moon', Wadi Rum is a dream-like valley with the vast limitless and boundless red sand desert stretching to infinity. If you want to experience floating without the fear of drowning, then it is imperative to visit the popular Dead Sea. Renowned for being one of the planet's saltiest bodies of water, It is a hypersalike lake with 34.2% salinity. The mineral-rich warm waters filled with cloride salts of magnesium, sodium, potassium, bromine amongst others is therapeutic in nature and the salt content enables the floating.

Scuba divers will be delighted to know that the coral reefs on Aqaba feature some of the best diving sites in the globe. The ancient city of Jerash is known for it's Roman architecture complete with colonnaded streets, Corinthian arches, outdoor Roman Theaters and the Oval Plaza. The grand Castle in Ajloun or the ruins of the Azraq fort continues to draw millions of tourists every year.

There are plenty of shopping opportunities in Jordan. One can look forward to purchase traditional Jordanian costumes, an assortment of spices, Dead Sea goods, a wide range of perfumes, olive oil soap, antique brass tea/coffee pots, hand-made Jordanian daggers, hand-crafted Bedouin-style embroidered clothing and so forth from the various souqs dotting the country. Upscale shopping complexes with designer labels and international brands can be seen in cities such as Amman.

Jordan is specifically known for it's hospitality. The locals are extremely tourist-friendly and one can quickly make themselves feel at home. Don't leave the nation without gorging on the delicious Jordanian cuisine. Famous for being the national symbol of Jordan, be sure to dig into Mansaf, a traditional Jordanian delicacy prepared with lamb and cooked in a sauce of fermented dried yogurt and served with rice or bulgur. Taste their most popular appetizer, the famous Hummus, a puree of cheak peas meshed with tahini, lemon and garlic. When it comes to beverages, Turkish coffee or Arabic coffee with a hint of cardamom are quite popular along with sweet mint tea. Since alcohol is allowed in the country, a number of bars and pubs can be found in Jordan, particularly in the bigger cities.

The stay options in Jordan are abundant with the country catering to the richie-rich with the best luxury hotels and a plethora of private and opulent apartments. Budget travellers and backpackers are also in luck for the nation offers plenty of modest and cheap accommodations.

Jordan is semi-dry in summer and relatively cool during the winter months. The best time to holiday in this country would be during Spring (March-May) when the temperatures are comparatively pleasant.

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