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The land of the Rising Sun as it is aptly called, Japan is a beautiful mesh of tradition and modernity. This East Asian nation is a destination where the past meets the future, east meets west and old meets new. While it is a rapidly soaring developed country and has made enormous strides in the field of design, technology and innovation, it is also known for preserving its ancient customs, cultural legacy and traditions.

Kick-start the trip by heading over to its dynamic capital - Tokyo. This is a progressive and urban country and is spruced with numerous dazzling steel-and-glass towers dotting the glittering skyline. Some of the attractions worth visiting are: Tokyo Sky Tree - pierces as high as 634-meter (2,080 ft), Tokyo Tower - offers impressive glimpses of the extraordinary city from the viewing deck, stroll around the Rainbow bridge, The Imperial Bridge - continues to be the chief residence of the Emperor of Japan and Ueno Park - green paradise is home to a zoo, aquarium and an array of temples and museums.

Do make it a point to spend some time in Osaka. Some of the sight-seeing points worth-visiting are: Osaka Castle - comprising exhibits on the history of the castle and the city, Shitenno-Ji Temple - one of the earliest Buddhist temples in Japan, Floating Garden Observatory - views of the city from up there is breathtaking to say the least and Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan - home to about 580 species and 30,000 marine animals from the Pacific Rim.

Take a trip to the incredible Kyoto. The destination is adorned with an astonishing amount of temples, shrines and palaces. Some of the places worth seeing are: Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine - incredible holy abode is one of the most significant out of the innumerable Inari shrines in Japan, Kiyomizu Temple - one of Japan's most striking temples, Kinkuji Temple - exterior is coated with a thick layer of gold leaf and Gion - Kyoto's major traditional entertainment zone and geisha district.

No trip to Japan is complete without catching a glimpse of one of its most prominent landmark - the imperial and majestic Mount Fiji. It is the nation's highest mountain peak and stands impressively tall at 3,776 meters. The deadly horrors of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima in August 1945 still reverberates in the minds of the people. To pay their respects, one can visit the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park. Don't forget to visit the Atsuta Shrine, housed in the heart of the city of Nagoya. It is regarded as the most vital Shinto shrine in Japan, drawing over five million visitors every year.

When it comes to shopping, be on the look-out for quintessential goods such as kimonos, mingei ( local crafts including kites and folk toys), Kyoto silks, fans, religious articles such as Shinto and Buddhist artefacts, paper lanterns, ceramics, lacquerware, cameras and other electronic equipment. As for cuisine, do indulge in local fare such as Teriyakai (Beef, chicken or fish marinated in a soy sauce and mirin wine, and seared on a hot plate), Tempura ( Seafood and vegetables deep-fried in a light batter) and Sushi ( Slices of raw fish and vegetables placed on cooked vinegared rice).

The stay options in Japan are abundant with the best luxury hotels, rental apartments and cheap accommodations available for the tourists to decide which kind to opt for depending on their budget and taste.

Japan experiences predominantly temperate climate but varies from north to south. The best time to visit would be spring and autumn as the temperatures are mild throughout the country.

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