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17 Hotels in guinea

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Grand Hotel De L\'Independance Conakry


Unfortunately mired into the Ebola crisis, the tourism of Guinea has been severely impacted. Folks travelling to this country in West Africa ought to exercise severe caution while visiting. Nevertheless, Guinea is packed with dramatic landscapes that are worth every penny - be it the luscious virgin rainforests or the gushing white waterfalls and not to mention the looming hills in the backdrop.

Kick-start the visit by heading straight to the capital of Guinea. It is the economic, commercial and trade centre of the area. Be sure to drive down 2 hours from the city to catch a glimpse of the mesmerizing Soumba waterfalls. Spend some time exploring the Guinea National Museum, the Conarky Grand Mosque and the beautiful botanical garden.

Hop on a ferry and take a trip to Iles de Los - a cluster of islands lying off Conarky in Guinea. There are three main islands: Tamara (Fortoba), Kassa and Roume, while one will find smaller ones - Coraille, Blanche and Cabris - to the south. With its soft sandy beaches and great accommodations, it is quite the opposite of the hustle-bustle of the capital city.

If you're put up in Faranah then do go on a expedition to the source of the Niger river. Embark on this interesting adventure with local guide. Those who enjoy hiking ought to visit the Fouta Djalon highlands that is known for their beautiful hills and offers beautiful panoramic vistas. Head to the highest point - Mount Loura at 1,515m (4,907ft). Those with a curious nature can explore the mysterious and cryptic Kakimbon Caves in the village of Ratoma. It is known to be the source of several interesting legends.

If you're a wild-life enthusiast then several animals can be glimpsed in the north-east savannahs between the Tinkisso Rover and the Mali border, in the foothills of the Fouta Djalon highlands and in the south-east of the nation. Spend some time at the National Park of the Upper Niger housed in the north-east of Guinea. It spans over 6,000 square km out of which 600 sq km comprise the core area. One can often catch glimpses of many chimpanzees. Other species spotted are lions, African manatee and Gambian mongoose.

When it comes to shopping, be on the look-out for brightly coloured, distinctive Guinean attires, woodcarvings, leather rugs in bold black-and-white designs and jewellery. As for night-life, Guinea has its share of watering holes where tourists as well as locals can spend some time letting their hair down. It would be a shame to not dig into their local delicacies while visiting. So do gorge into their dishes such as Jollof rice - cooked with palm oil, tomato paste and onions. Usually accompanied with vegetables, meat or fish.

Stay options in Guinea are plenty with those who are heavy on the pocket opting for the best luxury hotels. Budget travellers and backpackers can choose modest accommodations and cheap apartments.

Guinea is one of the wettest countries of Africa. The best time to visit would be during the cool period from November to February.