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46 Hotels in greenland

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Which is the planet's biggest non-continental island? Well, it is Greenland! Even though three-quarters of the country is encompassed by ice, there is still lots to view and explore in this island-nation. It is an autonomous country within the Kingdom of Denmark and is the most sparsely populated nation in the globe.

Kick-start the trip by heading towards Qaqortoq - the biggest town in South Greenland. One can marvel the architectural wonders prevalent here for there are some exemplary and well-preserved buildings in and around the town square, belonging to the colonial era, dating as far back as 200 years. One can also visit the tiny Inuit Museum - including an exact copy of a turf house. Exploring wild-life is one of the top activities while in Greenland. The most ideal way to do it is during a sledding tour or snowmobile excursion. One can hope to catch a glimpse of reindeer, polar bears and white-tailed eagles. The winter months are the perfect time to go on dog sled tours and snowmoible trips.

Do drop by at Nuuk - one of the globe's smallest capitals and a popular destination for visitors. Wander around the traditional colourful and wooden homes that are beautifully overlooked by snow-capped Sermitsiaq Mountain, which proves to be an awesome backdrop to the town. One of the major highlights of Nuuk is the incredibly morbid Greenland National Museum - home to the mummified remains of a group of women and children, who were believed to have expired in about 1475 when their boat capsized.

Animal lovers can spend some time at the Northeast Greenland National Park. The world's biggest and most northerly national park. Try to catch glimpses of oxen, polar bears, walruses and various other species. The area is perfect for excursion trips either through kayaks or on dog sledges. Greenland is a hikers' paradise. The tourist board has come up with colour-coded hiking maps and guides for Qaqortoq, Narsaq and Narsarsuaq in South Greenland and Ammassalik in the east.

It will be interesting to note that many different species of whale can be viewed at Greenland's coasts. If you take a trip to Qeqertarsuaq, Aasiaat and Qasigiannguit, one can hope to catch glimpses of massive fin whales. As per the season, one can also view minke, beluga and humpback whales. Drop by at Disko Bay, for it is one of the most famous destination for travellers, mainly due to the incredible icebergs, which during the summertime, shimmer in the midnight sun.

When it comes to shopping, be on the lookout for bone and soapstone carvings, skin products and beadwork. As for cuisine, do dig into reindeer meat (caribou), whale meat and so forth. The stay options in Greenland are abundant with best luxury hotels, cheap accommodations and rental apartments available for tourists to decide which kind to opt for depending on their budget and taste.

Greenland experiences Arctic climate but due to the sheer size of the country, the weather differs from region to region. The best time to visit would be during the summer months (June, July and August) when temperatures are relatively more pleasant.