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Gambia is a beautiful country with hospitable folks, stunning natural wonders, soft-sandy beaches, charming fishing villages and big cities with vibrant personalities. The smallest African nation has a short North Atlantic Ocean coastline at its western end. The revenue of Gambia is dominated by farming, fishing and particularly tourism.

Kick-start the tour by visiting the capital of Gambia - Banjul. The second largest city of the nation has become a very popular holiday retreat with British and other European visitors. Do visit the National Museum, which posses interesting ethnographic exhibits. For shopping, do roam about the Albert Market, the city's bustling open-air bazaar, for a fascinating glimpse of the everyday life.

Take a trip to Abuko Nature Reserve and walk through the tropical forest. The main resort area is home to a plethora of crocodiles, monkeys, forest antelope, reptiles and over 300 bird species. When we are talking about popular pastimes for visitors to the Gambia, then birdwatching tops the list. Do take a boat into the mangrove creeks of the Tanbi Wetlands around the mouth of the River Gambia, head south to the south to the Tanji Reserve, or travel up-country to the world-famous Bao Bolong Wetland Reserve to catch a glimpse of some of the nation's many resident and migrant species.

Beach-a-holics can head to Gunjur and Kartong, for they are Gambia's most pristine beaches and is also home to several premium eco-retreats. Also, be sure to visit Kotu, the finest beach along The Gambia's main resort strip. Take a trip to the stunning and picturesque mid-river location of Janjanbureh island in eastern Gambia, a superlative spot to rejuvenate in an unspoilt-rustic environment, with a plethora of paces to walk or birdwatch in the vicinity.

Be sure to visit the Katchikali Crocodile Pool. This ancient site is sacred to the Mandinka tribe, in the coastal village of Bakau. Even though crocodiles are wild animals, these are well fed and docile. Spend some quality time at the Kiang West National Park for it features the most diverse ecosystem in Gambia and one can view more flora and fauna then seen anywhere else in the nation.

When it comes to shopping, do pick-out a few souvenirs such as local handicrafts in the various shops spruced around Banjul. The colorful Albert Market in the capital city is a delightful place to explore with batik wall hanging, hand-made clothing, woodcarvings, bead jewellery and traditional djembe drums. When it comes to cuisine, do try out a variety of delicacies such as Benachin (also called Jollof Rice - a mixture of spiced meat and rice with tomato puree and vegetables) or Domadah (meat stewed in groundnut puree and served with rice).

Stay options in Gambia are plenty with those who are heavy on the pocket preferring the best luxury hotels. Budget travellers and backpackers can opt for modest accommodations and cheap apartments.

Gambia experiences subtropical climate. The best time to visit the nation is from Mid-November to early June, when the weather is usually dry.