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5732 Hotels in czech republic

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czech republic

Get an authentic flavor of Central Europe by touring Czech Republic. It's a tiny landlocked nation fringed by multiple countries - South-east of Germany, Austria to the south, Poland to the north and Slovakia to the south-east. Czech Republic is regarded as a developed country with an advanced,high-income economy and high-living standards.

This small country is brimming with magnificent castles, medieval towns, posh spa towns, picturesque national parks and beautiful cities with big personalities. No doubt it embodies all the characteristics required to be a major tourist magnet. No trip to Czech Republic is complete without taking a trip to Prague. The stunning capital is said to be the fifth-most visited metropolis in Europe after London, Paris, Istanbul and Rome.

Nicknamed as the 'land with one hundred spires', very few cities possesses a rich history and glorious heritage as much as Prague. Be sure to catch a glimpse of the majestic Prague Castle which dominates the cityscape. Notable highlights of the city are: 600-Year old Charles Bridge, Old Town Square with numerous Gothic and Renaissance buildings, Church of our Lady before Tyn and so forth. Pubs are part of the local culture so the night-life in Prague is rather shimmering and lively.

When you visit the old city of Brno, do head over to the stunning Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul, one of Czech Republic's significant landmarks. History aficionados will love touring the ?esky Krumlov Castle, built as far as the early 13th century and is well-preserved. Visit the marvellous white Neo-Gothic Hluboka Castle, housed in the city of ?eske Bud?jovice and admire one of the most stunning castles in Czech Republic.

This country is brimming with fascinating attractions to visit but the one that takes the cake is the famous 'Bone Church', housed in the tiny town of Sedlec. Visitors will get a chance to view the remains of the 70,000-odd people who died between the 14th and 16th centuries and it is exhibiting in a rather gory fashion. Tourists who keen to dotoxify can visit the Colonnades and Spas of Karlovy Vary to have an authentic spa experience. Apart from spas, the charming town of Karlovy Vary is also a renowned glassmaking center. One can drop by at the Glass Museum and view 2,000 examples of decorative works. The ?esky raj houses some of the most amazing rock formations known. Famous as a UNESCO Geopark, this area is a major tourist attraction for hikers and sightseers from across Europe and the globe with it's walking trails and picturesque spots.

When it comes to shopping, be on the look-out for the Bohemian crystal as it is one of the most popular souvenirs in the country. As for cuisine, digging into traditional local delicacies is a must while holidaying in the nation. Do gorge into a few of Czech desserts which include whipped cream, chocolate, fruit pastries, tarts, crepes, creme desserts and cheese. Czech beers are world-famous so don't forget to chug down a glass while visiting the pubs spruced in the country.

Czech Republic offers abundant stay options. The richie-rich seeking the best luxury hotels and private apartments will find plenty catering to their extravagant lifestyle. At the same time, budget travellers and backpackers looking for cheap accommodations will find numerous of those as well.

Czech Republic experiences temperate continental climate with warm summers and cold, cloudy and snowy winters. The best time to visit the country would be during spring and fall, when the temperatures are mild and there is less crowd.

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