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Not particularly known as a tourist destination, somehow Belarus gets lost in the midst of other popular Eastern European countries. This landlocked nation appears to not fit in with the rest of the continent and exhibits a misplaced 'isolated image'. Nevertheless, Belarus is a compelling destination to visit and is brimming with several unexplored gems that deserves to be seen.

Kick-start the holiday by first head over to the tourist attraction that ought to be in every visitor's itinerary. Housed in Brest, the Brest Hero Fortress Memorial Complex was initially constructed from 1830-1842 on the banks of the Mukhavets and the Western Bug Rivers, but has since been extended and magnified several times during its fragile past. Today, the point is not only interesting for history aficionados but it also serves as a tribute to those who passed away during the conflict. Be sure to take a trip to Nesvizh to visit the impressive and striking Nesvizh Castle. It served as a residential castle of Radziwi?? family and is perched at an elevation of 183 meters. In 2005, the complex was announced as a UNESCO Heritage Site.

Book-worms ought to visit the National library of Belarus. This unique and modern building is housed in Nezavisimosti Street in Minsk and is a beautiful representation of contemporary architecture which is not only fully operational but also visually stunning. Since the main portion of the library has been built in the shape of a Rhombicubictahedron, the library can accommodate as much as 2000 readers and also encompasses a 500 person conference hall. It is the only structure in Minsk that possesses an observation deck so climb aboard to enjoy magnificent panoramic vistas of the capital city. Serving as a memorial to those who laid down their lives during World War II, visit Victory Square where a massive 40 metre high obelisk was constructed to pay homage those who passed away during the conflict. An eternal flame was added and lit at the base of the obelisk.

Drive down some 90 kilometers south-west of Minsk and head over to the Mir Castle. This stunning structure is the blend of 3 distinct architectural styles and is absolutely majestic to look at. Today, the castle is one of the top tourist attractions as they have also added well-manicured, formal Italian-style gardens and a huge artificial lake, all of which adds the charm to this historic monument. When it comes to religious shrines, the Roman Catholic Church of Saint Simon and Helena, located near the Independence Square on Sovetskaya Street in Minsk, is said to be the main church for Belarusian Catholics. It is nicknamed as The Red Church - owing to its red brick and tile construction.

Art & artifact enthusiasts will love visiting museums such as the Dudutki Museum (dedicated to showcasing traditions, culture and life-style of Belarus folks), National Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus (collections featuring Belarusian, Russian and Western European Art as well as a few breathtaking Japanese ceramics and Chinese wood carvings) and Brest Railway Museum (several kinds of trains including steam locomotives, diesel trains and steam cranes are represented).

When it comes to shopping, possible souvenirs include the classic Russian Matryoshka Dolls,original samovars, wooden jewellery boxes, decorates plates, linen items such as table cloths and tea towels are available in plenty. As for cuisine, be sure to try out Belarusian Draniki - a traditional crockery dish. They are shallow-fried potato pancakes and are flavoured with grated garlic or onion and seasoning. When it comes to drinks, try Kvass - a non-alcoholic fermented beverage prepared from black or regular rye bread. As for hard drinks, vodka are common alcoholic drinks found in any of the bars and pars spruced around.

The stay options in Belarus are abundant with the best luxury hotels, sprawling private apartments and cheap accommodations available for the tourists who can decide which kind to opt for based on their budget.

Belarus experiences continental climate with a dominant humidity. The best time to visit would be at the beginning of autumn when temperatures are relatively warm.