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8701 Hotels in argentina

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Argentina is a country that caters to all. From its varied landscapes to splendid wineries, colorful canyons of the north-west to stunning glaciers, this South American country appeals to all kinds of tourists. Argentina is not just known for historic monuments and stunning natural wonders, it is packed with a thriving culinary scene, elegant shopping zones and a foot-tapping nightlife that will let you groove until the crack of dawn.

Kick-start the tour by visiting the country's capital Buenos Aires for it is brimming with one attraction after other which is worth heading over to. One of the popular point is the La Boca which has the famous Caminito pedestrian street packed with arts & crafts. This neighborhood is famed for Tango and often one can view Tango dancers practising in the street. The boulevard is also well-known for football so one can tour the La Bombonera Stadium where the buildings are painted in vibrant colors. Head over to Cordoba and explore the stunning valleys and the famous colonial buildings, most of which was built during the 17th-and-18th centuries.

While visiting La Plata, one of the highlights is to visit the Natural Museum for it comprises of several huge dinosaur skeletons, an elaborate exploration of the many pre-Columbian cultures in South America. Wine Connoisseurs will love heading over to Mendoza for it is known for premium wine production. Many wineries offer tours and wine-tasting is pretty common. Drop by at a few wineries such as Norton or Rutini for they have regular walk-in tours and sample some tasty wines.

Another extraordinary place to visit is San Juan where tourism is focused in its wine production as well as the incredible rock formations in site such as Ischigualasto National Park and the Quebrada de Ulum Dam. Other attractions include the large Triassic period fossil record, apparently one of the biggest in the world. Visit the El Calafate - a small town that has developed and turned into a tourist magnet for it is set on the glacial blue Lago Argentina and is packed with trekkers from all over the globe.

Those who love wild-life will enjoy visiting the Ibera Wetlands, a natural reserve residing 1000 km north of Buenos Aires is overflowing with animals from different species such as Caimans, capybaras, swamp deer, howler monkeys, anacondas, manded wolves, armadillos and so forth which can be glimpsed by going on excursions. It would be a shame to holiday in Argentina and not visit the Iguacu Falls - a breathtaking natural wonder where one can glimpse tonnes of water gushing down cliffs and the mist rising amongst the jungle making it a magical sight. When compared to Niagara Falls, they are taller than them and twice as wide.

When it comes to shopping, Argentina is well-known for its fine wines, leather goods, regional handicrafts and soft alpaca wool clothing. The country is home to swanky shopping complexes as well as traditional markets. As for cuisine, the South-American country is renowned for its beef-centred delicacies which are served in any of the restaurants spruced around the country.

Argentina's climate differs from region to region but the main central area is temperate. Overall, the best time to visit would be during spring and autumn for the weather is neither too hot nor too cold.

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