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Viewing the majestic Colosseum up-close is a dream for many. Make the dream come true by planning a great vacation in Rome by keying in your preferred dates and choosing from over 500 hotel options.
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Boundless in all directions

The Eternal city sure lives up to it's name because to soak in every facet of Rome, you need an infinite and endless amount of time. The capital of Italy is brimming with world heritage sites, museums and historical attractions that draws in millions of tourists every year. This architecturally-rich city is a treasure trove of towering structures that each has a glorious and captivating story to narrate. As much as Rome relishes it's tradition and culture, it has kept with the times which can be seen with the sky-piercing skyscrapers, trendy bars, sparkling nightclubs and high-end restaurants which truly makes it a cosmopolitan city.

The metropolis is a gold mine to history aficionados for the Roman Empire has one of the most illustrious and celebrated stories to share. One of the most significant landmarks to visit is no doubt the Colosseum. Known for being the largest and most renowned amphitheatre in the Roman universe, the spectacular structure can house 50,000 odd spectators who can enter through any of the 80 entrances available. Marvel the beautiful architecture in one of the best preserved Roman buildings, the Pantheon which serves as a temple to the Roman gods. The Pantheon's dome still remains one of the biggest unreinforced concrete dome in the planet.

Famous for being a major tourist attraction, head over to St Peter's Basilica which is renowned for being the biggest church in Christendom. Archaeology buffs don't forget to visit the Roman Forum as the site is a vast ruin of architectural fragments and encompasses the Arches of Septimius Severus and Titus, the Temple of Antoninus Pius and Faustina and the Temple of Saturn. The Trevi Fountain remains one of the significant landmarks this ancient city has to offer. The fountain features the god of the sea, Neptune, flanked by two Tritons.

Want to take a breather after visiting and absorbing so many fascinating tourist points? Rest on the Spanish Steps which is used as meeting/gathering place for a number of tourists/inhabitants. Art enthusiasts can stop by at the Vatican museums which houses some of the world's most important relics. The spiral staircase, the Raphael Rooms and the delicately crafted Sistene Chapel are some of the attractions the museum offers.

No trip to Rome and Italy is complete without gorging on local pizzas from street side pizzerias or trying out lip-smackingly tasty gelatos. Abundant meal options are available with the plethora of restaurants and bars residing in every corner but if you are looking for a truly authentic Roman food experience, then seek out pizzerias and convivial trattorias to relish crunchy pizzas, scrumptious pastas and refreshing cool white wine.

Wealthy tourists who truly want an extravagant holiday can choose from the best luxury hotels Rome can offer. At the same time, visitors travelling with a fixed sum can select modest and comfortable budget hotel apartments which are cheap and easy on the pocket.

Rome experiences warm Mediterranean climate. The best time to holiday in the city is during autumn (September-November) and in spring (March-May) when the weather is pleasant and crowds are less.

5116 Hotels in Rome

Popular Hotels in Rome, Italy