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Starting as a tiny fishing village to develop into a full-fledged world-famous holiday resort that is successful in attracting tourists from all over the globe, Sharm el-Sheikh has a lot to be proud of. This hub that resides at the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt is an extremely popular scuba diving site with diving enthusiasts making a beeline to flock to this exotic destination every year. Situated along the coast of the Red Sea, this vacation retreat is a visual treat to the eyes with miles of soft white-sandy beaches fused with sparkling crystal clear waters.

A popular tourist haunt, Na'ama Bay is the life and core of Sharm el-Sheikh. Get a lovely tan by sunbathing in the white-sand beach. A pedestrian-only promenade hosts an assortment of restaurants, beach-side cafes, souvenir stores and high-end resorts to provide the tourists with as much entertainment as possible. Stop by at Nabq Protectorate to marvel at the beauty of the coastal desert landscape and the northerly mangrove jungle. It is also known for being home to one of the most significant and protected wilderness sites that houses a plethora of birds as also endemic gazelles and ibexes.

When visiting Sharm el-Sheikh (or just Sharm by the locals), be sure to head over to Ras Mohammed National Park which is one of the major attractions the city can boast of. This peninsula is a haven for divers for it houses some of the best diving areas. To get a chance to glimpse at every single specie of marine creatures residing in the Red Sea, don't forget to dive at popular scuba zones - Shark Reef and Yolanda Reef. To get a stunning view of both sides of the Red Sea, stop by at the Shark Observatory clifftop that is located at the southern edge of Ras Mohammed.

Renowned to be one of the best beaches in the resort city, Ras Um Sid offers excellent snorkelling trips with plenty of fish-life to view. Known to be a prime spot for shark sightings and being home to huge pelagic fishes, Jackson Reef resides in the Straits of Tiran between the Sinai Peninsula and the southern tip of Saudi Arabia. Other fantastic diving zones include the Garden Reefs and the Thomas Reef. Moving beyond diving, indulge in a variety of fun water sports such as windsurfing, canoeing, parasailing and boating.

Sharm el-Sheikh is not just a diving destination. One can also take day trips to explore the arid desert and the rugged red-rock mountains surrounding the water paradise. Be sure to trek to the Coloured Canyon and marvel at the natural wonder beauty of the coiling mineral-rich layered rock creations that are named as such for their brightly-colored stones sporting twinkling shades of orange and red. History aficionados can revisit past by taking a trip to the revered St. Catherine's Monastery, located at the foot of Mount Sinai. This is the same mountain where Moses is believed to have received the Ten Commandments. Horse and camel rides as well as desert safaris can be relished by families travelling with kids.

When in Sharm el-Sheikh, it would be a crime not to visit the Sharm Old Market, also called Sharm al-Maya. It is a traditional souq (bazaar) where you can purchase local merchandise such as ancient Arabic lamps, shisha pipes, exquisitely-crafted woodwork, spices, glass perfume bottles, Bedoin embroidery and so forth. Turkish goods as well as Egyptian cotton bed linen and beach towels are also popular. For gold and sliver jewellery as well as semi-precious stones, head over to Na'ama Bay or the Old Market for a great deal. Although supermarkets and fixed-price shops are seen in the city, it's fun to head over to Old Market to indulge in old-school bargaining.

While holidaying in this city, it would be a shame to not gorge into the local delicious Egyptian cuisine such as Kabab, Kofta, Reyash, Nefa and Tarab that is served in the various restaurants residing in every corner of the street. The bar scene is lively and alive for alcohol is available in this vacation retreat. Non-alcoholic drinks such as refreshing fresh guava juice can be sipped in any of the street cafes.

Sharm el-Sheikh is home to abundant stay options that can delight millionaires seeking the best luxury hotels that are on par with their lavish lifestyle as well as backpackers and budget tourists looking for cheap hotel apartments.

Sharm el-Sheikh experiences subtropical arid climate. The best time to holiday in this metropolis is during the winter months from November to April when the average temperature is approximately 20? C which is pleasant and conducive for a fun-filled vacation.

262 Hotels in Sharm el Sheikh

Popular Hotels in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt