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556 Hotels in Munich

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Primarily characterized as the land of beers and technology, Munich has become synonymous to everything lifestyle in Germany. The capital of Bavaria is modern, progressive and technologically-advanced. The Mediterranean pace does give the cosmopolitan city with a little bit of rustic feel which can sure delight tourists who love the blending of the old and new. As it is is the birthplace of the Nazi movement, history enthusiasts can get a kick out of going back in time and revisiting the past.

Munich boasts of a wide variety of luxury hotels that are opulent and rich which can be enjoyed by those who want the very best for their vacation and are not ready to compromise on their comforts. Backpackers and other travellers who are particular about the kind of money they are willing to spend can select from a range of budget hotel apartments that are not heavy on the pocket and are quite cheap.

A trip to this metropolis is not complete if you don't visit the heart of Munich - Martienplatz square which is home to the Old and New Town Halls. Similar to the Times Square in New York City, this is a very popular tourist haunt in Munich. Foodies will be delighted to visit the stalls of the Viktualiemarkt as it will stimulate all your senses. This famous food market has everything available under the sun that you can imagine - from the exotic preparations to the traditional Bavarian delicacies.

Beer has always been a significant part of the history and tradition of Bavaria as well as Munich. Authentic beer experience can be found at traditional beer halls which are indoors and beer gardens (Biergarten) which are outdoors. Hirschgfarten is the largest beer garden in the world. Established since 1791, the garden can accommodate as much as 8,000 guests. If you plan your trip around September-October make sure to attend the famous Oktoberfest which is the world's largest Voksfest. It's a 16 day folk festival starting from late September and runs till the first weekend in October.

Known as a mini-Silicon Valley of Germany, this technological city houses a host of electronic and computer firms such as Siemens, Microsoft and SAP. Geeks and auto enthusiasts can make a quick beeline to visit the BMW museum.

The best time to holiday in Munich would be spring - from March to May as the weather is pleasant. Millions also arrive in the city to attend the legendary Oktoberfest around the months of September-October. It will be slightly chilly around that time so it is recommended to pack winter clothing. Make the most of your visit to Munich by staying at a comfortable hotel. Whatever be your choice, luxury or budget, Tripinc has the hottest deals for you.

556 Hotels in Munich

Popular Hotels in Munich, Germany