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Feel French, Speak French

Folks from France will feel quite at home in Quebec City. Viewed as a shimmering pearl of French Canada, the capital of the Canadian province of Quebec is a beautiful and picturesque city brimming with narrow and winding cobblestone streets, 17th-and-18th-century homes and towering church spires. Not only is Quebec City excellent in preserving its strong heritage and illustrious history, but it is also a 21st century dynamic metropolis with swanky shopping complexes, luxurious hotel chains, array of fine dining restaurants and avant-grade infrastructure.

Kick-start the trip by learning more about Quebec being a walled city. This unique 4.6km (2.9-mile) rampart encircling Old Quebec is beautiful sight to behold. Be sure to walk along the top of the fortifications for beautiful panoramic views of the metropolis and the Saint Lawrence River. An historic showcase on the ramparts' construction can be viewed at the Interpretation Centre. History aficionados will love visiting the citadel. It is renowned to be one of the most significant highlights of the city. Atop the Cap Diamant, the star-shaped fortress was erected to resist attacks on the metropolis from across the Plains of Abraham to the south-west and is aptly nicknamed as the 'Gibraltar of the Americas'.

Renowned to be the city's most alluring and stunning landmark, the Canadian Pacific Railway designed Chateau Frontenac in 1894. This impressive and historic hotel was designated a National Historic Site of Canada in 1980. It was one of the most photographed hotel in the planet, mostly due to its stunning representation in the Quebec City skyline. Some of the museums worth visiting are: Quebec National Museum of Fine Arts (houses collection of masterpieces by Quebecois artists) and Museum of Civilisation (presents and interprets the human experiences through cultural and historical perspectives).

Take a tour of Old Quebec, a historic neighbourhood of the city. It is split into Upper town (Haute-Ville) and Lower Town (Basee-Ville) and is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site. Be sure to visit the Cathedral-Basilica of Notre-Dame de Quebec where the interior sports ornate neo-baroque decor, stunning stained-glass windows and opulent ecclesiastical objects. Quebec aquarium spans 16 hectares (40 acres) and is split into seven sectors. Wander around the 10,000 marine animals on display as well as fresh and salt-water fish and other incredible aquatic creatures housed indoors. Be sure to catch a glimpse of polar bears, walruses and seals where visitors can view them being fed or trained. Kids can have a gala time for there is an aerial herbertism trails specifically designed for them.

When it comes to shopping, shop-a-holics will have a field day. The city is brimming with one big shopping complex to another. Bragain-seekers will have plenty of opportunities to improve their skills with plenty of traditional markets such as the public market in the Old Port that sells local fruits and vegetables, flowers, cheese and meat. Some of the souvenirs that can be picked-up are mouth-watering maple syrup, ice cider and wild-berry jams. Other interesting items are aboriginal arts and handicrafts including Inuit soapstone carvings.

Be sure to dig into some of the local delicious delicacies such as pommes persillade (cubed potatoes fried and topped with persillade as a garnish) or poutine (French fries topped with gravy and cheese curds). The night-life in Quebec City is shimmering with an array of bars and clubs spruced around.

The stay options in Quebec City is plenty with tourists having the option to choose from the best luxury hotels, private apartments and cheap accommodations available depending on their taste and budget.

Quebec City experiences humid continental climate with four distinct seasons. The best time to visit the metropolis would be during the summer months for the weather is warm.

207 Hotels in Quebec City

Popular Hotels in Quebec City, Canada