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Rottnest Island are renowned for housing the happiest animals on earth - Quokkas. To spot these adorable creatures, key in your preferred dates and choose from a plethora of hotels.
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5 Hotels in Rottnest Island

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Land of Quokkas

Known as the land of quokkas, a small native marsupial, Rottnest Island is a fun and picturesque destination to look for these cuddly creatures. Situated about 20km off the coast of Perth in Western Australia, the island is a delight to wildlife enthusiasts for it also home to colonies of Australian sea lions and southern fur seals. Aptly nicknamed as Rotto by the locals, it is a famous holiday resort with daily ferries to and fro from Perth, the state's capital and biggest city.

Animals lovers can kick-start the trip with folks keeping an eye out for the lovable marsupial - the quokkas. Due to their ever-smiling face, it has become a trend to snap a selfie with these adorable creatures. Do head over to the Rottnest Island Museum. This tiny museum speaks of the island's natural and human history, including stories of shipwrecks and incarceration. It talks about the history and ecology of the island.

Those who love to enjoy the culture and heritage of a place ought to visit the Salt Store. It is a photographic exhibition housed at a 19th-century building. It seeks to communicate a different chapter of local history; when the island's salt lakes delivered all of WA's salt, between 1838 and 1950. Vlamingh's Lookout is housed closed to the Thomson Bay. This stunning vantage point delivers stunning panoramic vistas of the island, including its salt lakes. It's situated in View Hill, off Digby Dr.

History buffs would enjoy visiting the Quod. Constructed in 1864, this octagonal building with a central courtyard was once the Aboriginal prison block but is now part of the Rottnest Lodge hotels. During its period as a prison, numerous men share a 3m by 1.7m cell, with no sanitation. The only part of the complex that can be explored is the tiny whitewashed chapel. Next to the Quod is a wooded area where numerous Aboriginal prisoners are buried in unmarked graves.

Those who are into snorkelling, fishing, surfing and diving will be delighted to note that they are top-class on the island. One can go cycling or walk around the island for there are numerous trails to follow, that connect various bays and beaches or the salt lakes.

The stay options in Rottnest Island are abundant. One will find the best luxury hotels the destination has to offer. At the same time, there are cheap accommodations and lodgings for those who are light in the pocket.

Rottnest Island experiences Mediterranean climate with warm dry summers and mild wet winters. The best time to visit would be spring or autumn as the temperatures are pleasant.

5 Hotels in Rottnest Island

Popular Hotels in Rottnest Island, Australia