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Krems an der Donau is renowned for its incredible wine-making. To get the delicious taste, plan a trip and choose from over 500 hotels.
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62 Hotels in Krems

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Vienna's stately neighbour

Renowned to be a riverside town in the Danube's Wachau Valley of Lower Austria, Krems an der Donau is a tourist magnet owing to its incredible historical gems and its breathtaking natural wonders. This Austrian town is also heavily known for its world-class wine production. Those who are visiting Vienna can drive down to visit Krems an der Donau for its located 70 kilometers (43 miles) west of the capital.

Kick-start the visit by heading over to Pfarrkirche St. Veit. Renowned to be the 'Cathedral of the Wachau', the huge baroque parish church features colorful and vibrant frescoes by Martin Johann Schmidt, an 18th-century local artist. Accessed by an enclosed stairway from the Pfarrkirche, Krems' most remarkable church has a great webbed Gothic ceiling and massive plain windows.

One can't visit Krems der Donau and not visit the tiny village of Stein. Explore the narrow streets terraced above the river and the single main street, Steinlanderstrasse, is packed with houses, several from the 16th century. The Grosser Passauerhof, Steinlanderstrasse 76 is a Gothic structure, adorned with an oriel. Be sure to catch a glimpse of the Steiner Tor, a 1480 gate for it is a prominent and iconic landmark.

Be sure to head over to the Caricature Museum. Over 250 works from the 20th century to the present, are stored here, including a huge collection of English-language political satire and caricature. There is a lot of importance placed on political and satirical drawings. Make it a point to spend some time at the Landes Museum, which showcases geology, flora, and fauna of the area surrounding Vienna. It also displays a collection of arts and crafts, baroque and Biedermeier.

Drop by at the Weinstadt Museum Krems. It used to be a 14th-century former Dominican cloister which today, functions as a museum. One will get to view artworks from municipal collections, archaeological finds and several items associated with winemaking. The complex is also home to a fascinating Weinbasaumuseum (Wine Museum), displaying artifacts, several quite old, assembled from the vineyards across the Danube.

When it comes to shopping, do make it a point to purchase wine available at reduced tariffs for the area is known for its wine. As for cuisine, one can indulge in local fare available in any of the restaurants dotted in the town.

The stay options in Krems an der Donau are abundant with the best luxury hotels, cheap accommodations and rental apartments available for the tourists to decide which kind to opt for depending on their budget and taste.

Krems an der Donau experiences moderate climate. The best time to visit would be during spring, summer and autumn for the weather is pleasant during this period.

62 Hotels in Krems

Popular Hotels in Krems, Austria