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Durres is renowend for its Roman and Byzantine heritage. To know more, plan a trip and choose from over 500 hotels.
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134 Hotels in Durres

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Sail away in the port city of Albania

Durres is a swash-buckling port city that has enormous appeal for tourists to wander around and explore. The second-largest city of Albania caters to those who are interested in historical wonders for it is packed with Roman and Byzantine heritage. But at the same time, Durres has kept with the times and is today, a 21st century dynamic city with shopping opportunities, fine dining, luxurious hotel chains and so forth.

Kick-start the trip by heading out to the Durres Amphitheatre. It can hold as much as 20,000 folks and is one of the finest pieces of ancient architecture in Albania. The site is home to a chapel with glorious wall mosaics of saints. When it comes to religious shrines, Durres is home to two remarkable mosques that are well worth the visit - Great Mosque and Fatih Mosque.

History buffs ought to visit the Durres Castle. This structure encompasses a single tower and wall, and is referred to as the Venetian Tower, in several guides. Dating as far back as the 400s, it was built during the reign of the Byzantine Emperor Anastasius I. Take some some time out to visit the Royal Villa of Durres. Though the Albanian monarchy has been obsolete for over seven decades, this monument perched atop a hill in Durres remains a reminder of the bygone era.

Don't miss out on the biggest archaeological museum in Albania. One can get to view different and distinct items from an array of civilizations. The collections encompass every period from the Ancient Illyrian culture, through the Roman era, Byzantine times and the rule of the Ottoman Empire. At the heart of Durres, you will find an adequate collection of colonnades that made up Macellum's forum after the Roman era. Dating as far back as the 600s and the 800s, it is coated with excavated marble stones. Next to the forum are Durres' Roman thermal baths.

Beach-a-holics can spend some time lazing and lounging around on the Durres Beach. It runs for over 10 kms along the city's waterfront. There are plenty of activities going on from games of table football to water sports events. So be sure to indulge in those. Find the Durres Beach too hectic and chaotic? Not to worry! Head a few kilometres south of the city, just after Kavaje, to Spille Beach. It offers a much more relaxing and secluded experience.

When it comes to cuisine, do not leave the city without indulging in some of their local delicacies. Sample the delicious Byrek - a kind of savoury pie packed with seasonal vegetables or meat. Don't forget to try the local alcoholic drink - Raki or sip into sparkling wine from Kokomani Vineyard.

The stay options in Durres are plenty with the best luxury hotels, private apartments and cheap accommodations available for tourists to opt for the choice they prefer based on their budget and tastes.

Durres experiences typical Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers and cool winters.The best time to visit would be from April to November for the weather is comfortable and pleasant.

134 Hotels in Durres

Popular Hotels in Durres, Albania