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Mustard City

Renowned for its Mustard use, Dijon is a city known for its rich gastronomic speciality. This metropolis in Eastern France is the capital of the Cote-d'Or department and of the Burgundy region. It is an incredible city packed with stunning green luscious rolling hills.

When in Dijon, be sure to spend some time at the Ducal Palace, This palace began as a very simple fortress that was erected in the 3rd century to resist against Barbarian invasions. One of the key highlights of this palace was the tower - oldest feature of the palace and is as tall as 52 meters. Regarded as the 'Grande Dame' of Dijon churches, head over to the Eglise Notre-Dame. This magnificent sacred place of worship was erected between 1230 and 1250 in the Burgundian Gothic style.

The Cathedral of Saint- Benigne is a majestic and classic representation of Burgundian Gothic architecture. The religious shrine was constructed on the site of a Benedictine abbey built in the 6th century. The twin-towered structures was designed in a way to integrate a Romanesque doorway and pre-Romanesque capitals from the earlier church. It is also home to an archaeological museum with a premium collection of Roman and medieval antiquities.

Another impressive church in Eglise Saint-Michel is an extraordinary church that is perched in the east of the Ducal Palace. Some of the eye-catching features of this stunning church is the glitzy Gothic architecture with three richly decorated doorways. As the church was built in its own time, Renaissance architectural elements were added later.

Designed in 1614 for Etienne Bouhier, the Hotel de Vogue is one of the most remarkable and impressive historic buildings in Dijon. This exemplary and remarkable structure showcases grand Renaissance architecture in the classical style. Some of the features are a stunning courtyard, a lush garden and magnificent entrance porch. The whole building showcases decorative richness and the tiled roof that exhibits colorful geometric patterns that are quintessential in Burgundy.

Be sure to visit Place Francois Rude, a central place with stunning traditional houses, a fountain with a sculpture, an old carousel and numerous cafes and bars. Tired of the hustle-bustle of the concrete jungle, you can stroll around beautiful parks such as Jardin Darcy (where one can view the famous bear of Francois Pompon) and the Arquebuse (built in the 18th century; highlights include the botanic gardens, National Museum of Natural Museum, the planetarium and the Pavillion de Raines). Visit the Kir Lake, an artificial lake housed outside the city.

Some of the museums housed in the city are: Museum of Fine Arts (encyclopaedic collection of art - from Egyptian antiquities to the modern era), Museum of Burgundian Life (significant collection of both rural and urban Burgundian costumes, furniture and household objects) and Musee Magnin (exquisite collection of art works which belonged to two art collectors - Jeanne and Maurice Magnin).

When it comes to shopping, be sure to walk down the incredible pedestrian street - Rue de la Liberte - which is the main shopping street where one will find everything from speciality stores selling mustard and local wine as well as creme de cassis (black current liqueur used to prepare Kir).

The stay options in Dijon is abundant with the best luxury hotels, private apartments or cheap accommodations available for the tourist to decide which kind to opt for depending on their budget or taste.

Dijon experiences oceanic climate. The best time to visit the city would be during fall for the weather is pleasant as well as it is a good time for the wine harvest events that occur there.

68 الفنادق في Dijon

الفنادق الاكثر شعبية في Dijon, France