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Hurghada is the first commerical dive base in the Red Sea and is a premier scuba diving destination. Select from over 500 hotel choices.
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الفنادق الاكثر شعبية Hurghada

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Emereld of the Red Sea

What once used to be a relatively tiny and fairly unknown fishing village, adjacent to the Red Sea, is now a major holiday resort with luxurious hotel chains lined up in every street. This Egyptian city is significantly now known as a premier scuba diving destination with divers flocking to this exotic city. Dating as far back as the 1960s, It is said to be the first commercial dive base in the Red Sea.

Primarily seen as winter-escape resort town where tourists can lounge around on the pristine white beaches and gaze at the shimmering deep-blue waters. Take a trip to the Giftun Islands and soak up the snorkelling and scuba diving opportunities the exotic islet has to offer. It is popular for boat excursions where one can drift around to capture the true essence of the beauty of the Red Sea. Stroll around the uber modern and shimmering Hurghada Marina, particularly in the evening, to witness the mesmerizing sight of the sun disappearing behind the waters. The waterfront promenade is a remarkable and fabulous fine-dining destination with an array of upmarket restaurants and cafes lined up. The fantastic sight of the bobbing yachts on the Red Sea is a scene that is seen to be believed.

Scuba divers should take a trip to the Straits of Gubal, a narrow strip of water jammed between the Red Sea Coast and the Western shore of the Sinai Peninsula. It is renowned to be one of the country's prime diving destination and is easily accessible from Hurghada. It is also well-known for its wreck diving. Sahl Hasheesh is located about 18 km away from Hurghada and is a popular tourist resort perched along the Red Sea where white-sand beaches and the best hotels are featured.

If you're not into swimming or a non-swimmer then you can enjoy the fascinating and magical underwater life by taking a tour on the Sindbadh submarine where passengers are taken down to a depth of 22 meters under the water for a glimpse of the rich coral and fish life of the Red Sea. Head over to Abu Nuhas shipwreck sites, north of Shadwan Island, a breathtaking dive site with 5 shipwrecks to explore. Novice and amateur divers could go visit the Gota Abu Ramada, a wall dive site with a plethora of aquatic life such as triggerfish, lionfish, clownlife,eagle rays and so forth.

Those with an adventurous spirit can take part in the desert Jeep Expeditions, Quad Biking, dune bugging trips and so forth. If you're with kids, try camel riding atleast once and go for a stroll along the beach or explore the desert landscape in-depth. Want to get a taste of authentic Egyptian culture? Then take the Bedouin dinner tours where epicureans can sample local delicacies in home-style cooking. The tours take you to nearby Bedouin settlements to gorge on regional dishes while relaxing on colorful and vibrant cushions in a quintessential Bedouin tent setting.

The night-life in Hurghada is cosmopolitan with an array of pubs and bars scattered around. Be sure to try famous Egyptian drinks such as sahlab, karkadeh, mirinda, yansoon, gansabeel, irfa, and many others. The stay options in this resort town are abundant with the best luxury hotels and private apartments available for the richie-rich while budget tourists can opt for cheap accommodations.

Hurghada experiences sub-tropical desert climate. The best time to visit would be the spring and autumn months for the weather is conducive for sight-seeing.

237 الفنادق في Hurghada

الفنادق الاكثر شعبية في Hurghada, Egypt