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Who wants to experience strolling around the dark and luscious Black Forest? Then plan a trip to Frieburg and choose from over 500 hotels.
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Jewel of the Black Forest

Freiburg im Beisgau or as it is more commonly called 'Freiburg' is the gateway to the dense and luscious southern Black Forest woods. Tucked away in a wine-rich corner of the state of Baden-Wurttemberg, this stunning German city is renowned for its ancient University, desirable climate and numerous vineyards. Freiburg is not globally known for a major tourist resort but it serves as a comparatively affordable base from where one can tour Europe particularly to countries such as Switzerland, Austria and France.

Visit Munster cathedral for it is famous for being one of the oldest and the most stunning religious shrines in all of Europe. Climb board the stairs and enjoy beautiful panoramic vistas from the top of the tower. Bachle are small canals that are packed in the streets of the inner city. According to legend and folklore, if you accidentally fall or step into one, the said person will tie the knot with a Freiburg resident. Freiburg is brimming with student community for the prestigious Albert Ludwig University of Freiburg is housed in the city.

Go on a trek at the 1,284-meter Schauinsland, a towering mountain with picturesque views across the region. Pass through several tiny streams that are flowing through the streets of Old Town. This beautiful city can be explored in-depth on foot, particularly along Kaiser-Joseph-Strasse, which splits the old town into two portions - Eastern half with the Minster and the western half housing the Town Hall and University. History aficionados will love visiting Schwabentor and Martinstor - old city gates.

Head over to Munsterplatz for the destination is lined with an array of well-preserved old structures including the red Merchants' Hall (Kaufhaus) dating as far back as 1532 with its spectacular arcading and stepped gables and surrounded by oriel windows with pointed roofs. Some of the other attractions in the Old Town are the 13th-century Swabian Gate with its wall paintings and dioramas; the Rathausplatz featuring the magnificent statue of Bethold Schwarz, am eminent personality; Gothic St. Martin's Church exhibiting a stunningly decorated interior and cloister and finally the House of the Whale, a Late Gothic house restored in 1516 as a home for Emperor Maxmilian.

Drop by at the Augustiner Museum that is home to a famed art collections with works ranging from the Middle Ages up to the Baroque period as well as displays paintings from the 19th century. Need a break from the hustle-bustle of the concrete jungle? Then stop over at SeePark - a man-made lake popular with families and those looking for a quiet stroll around the scenic green-belt zone. When it comes to shopping, walk down the weekly market on Munsterplatz and drop by at the colorful and vibrant stalls or arcades selling everything from perfumes to jewellery, books, antiques and so on.

Don't leave Freiburg without gorging on some of their regional delicacies such as the mouth-watering Black Forest Cake and other local pastries. A Black Forest gateau is made up of numerous layers of chocolate sponge cake sandwiched with whipped cream and cherries. It is adorned with additional whipped cream, maraschino cherries and chocolate shavings. Cherries are used between the layers and for garnishing the top. German bakeries are renowned to be the best in the globe and Freiburg are particularly famed for this culinary speciality.

Freiburg is brimming with abundant stay options and travellers have the option to choose from the best luxury hotels, private apartments and budget & accommodations. The city experiences oceanic climate and the best time to visit would be during April to October when the temperatures are pleasant and desirable.

275 الفنادق في Freiburg

الفنادق الاكثر شعبية في Freiburg, Germany