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Heart of The Rhine

Showcasing a classic representation of modernity mingling with tradition, Cologne exhibits the twin looming spires of the famous Cologne cathedral dominating the skyline and imposing Romanesque churches while at the same time it is known for a plethora of hip pubs scattered around the city serving traditional beer known as 'Kolsch'. Situated on both the sides of River Rhine, this 2000-year old city is the biggest megalopolis housed in the German Federal State of North Rhine-Westphalia. Famous for being the country's media, tourism and business hubs, it is one of the most thriving and prosperous cities of Germany.

One of the most significant attractions of the city is the iconic Cologne Cathedral whose towering twin spires is one of the most recognizable landmarks of the city. It is a magnificent masterpiece of Gothic architecture with stunningly-decorated interiors and averages about 20,000 visitors per day. The metropolis is a proud home to twelve majestic Romanesque churches that are well worth the visit. Feel the true vibe of the city with it's charming Old Town quarters with spectacular churches like the Great St. Martin in the vicinity. Wander along the narrow and quaint streets lined with quintessential old homes, boutiques, shops, galleries, cafes and restaurants.

Art & Artifact enthusiasts have a variety of options to choose from such as Romischer-Germanisches Museum showcasing the globe's biggest collection of Roman glassware and a significant collection of elegant Roman jewellery. The Wallraff-Richartz-Museum displays more than 700 years of art, with work dating as far back as 1300 until the end of the 19th century. The world-class Museum Ludwig is a delightful mixture of striking pop art icons from the late 20th century. Chocoholics can sure rush into the Chocolate Museum to learn more about the history of chocolate. It also exhibits a real working production line that ends in a delicious chocolate fountain.

Soulful lovers waiting to fulfill a quirky romantic tradition can head over to the Hohenzollern Bridge and inscribe their names on padlocks and hurl the key into the river to signify their commitment to each other and proclaim their everlasting love. Families with kids can drop by at the Cologne Zoo and wander along the 4,000 animals belonging to 500 species.

Shop-a-holics can have a gala time shopping in Cologne for this city offers any merchandise under the sun. If you're a travel buff, be sure to head over to Globetrotter and choose from a wide variety of clothing, backpacks, hiking & climbing gear, books, tents, sleeping backs and so forth. Other attractions such as swimming pool , wind room and ice room are also present for shoppers to have fun. If you're in town during winter, don't forget to visit the shimmering Christmas Markets that glow with sparkle such as the Alter Markt in Old Town, the Cathedral Markt, the Marchenweihnachtsmarkt or fairy tale Christmas market on Rudolfplatz that bring on the much-needed festive cheer.

When vacationing in Cologne, be sure to taste their delicious and scrumptious traditional cuisine. Dig into classic favorites such as Himmel un Aad featuring a distinct combination of apples and potatoes concocting unique flavors exploding into your palette which is available in any of the local restaurants lined in the streets. Feel free to sip into a sparkling and refreshing Cologne beer known as 'Kolsch' served in tiny glasses known as 'Stangen' in any of the pubs residing in the city.

The city is home to several stay options catering to the best luxury hotels the metropolis can boast of as well as offer numerous private apartments and cheap and budget accommodations.

Cologne experiences temperate Oceanic climate with comparatively mild winters and warm summers. For warm and pleasant weather, head over to the city from May to September. If you're in a mood to indulge in some festive fun then drop by during the winter months and watch the streets come alive with Christmas spirit.

409 الفنادق في Cologne

الفنادق الاكثر شعبية في Cologne, Germany