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Though Bremen may be tiny, never underestimate a city by its size. What kind of attractions are housed in this small city-state? Find out, by planning for a trip and choose from over 500 hotels.
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Small City, Big History

Though it may be Germany's smallest city-state, Bremen packs a mean punch! This Hanseatic city has not only been a significant industrial and commercial centre but also been a vital cultural hub. This north-western German metropolis is very proud of its historical heritage with a myriad of art galleries and museums prevalent in Bremen.

Kick-start the trip by heading over to the beautiful and stunning Marketpltz. It houses several of the city's attractions, including the spectacular Town Hall with its five-and-a-half-meter-tall statue of Germany's most renowned knight, Roland. Erected in 1404, the statue continues to be the symbolic representation of the city's freedom and independence from the church. Moreover, the premises is also the where one will find the popular Christmas Market, as well as the Freimarket, an ancient fair that has continued since 1036.

Spend some time marvelling at the ancient Gothic building - the old Town Hall. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is home to one of the most classy banqueting and reception halls in Germany. Until its north-west tower, one will catch a glimpse of a bronze group of the Bremen Town Musicians - a donkey, a dog, a cat and a cock - who feature in an ancient folk story.

Dating as far back as the 11 century with additions being made in the 13th and 16th centuries - be sure to visit the sublime Cathedral of St. Peter. The highlights includes the 98-meter tall towers in its exteriors that was restored in its 1898. Pay a visit to the Museum at St. Peter's Cathedral where one can view a number of mummified bodies and exhibits of other items associated with the tomb.

Spend an afternoon strolling around Bottcherstrasse. This street of museums is very popular amongst the tourists. Walk down the 100 meters lane by admiring the unusual expressionist architecture. Be sure to visit the Paula Becker- Modersohn Museum, the planet's first gallery devoted to the art of a single woman. It features pictures, paintings and documents related to the artist as well as exhibits by her contemporaries. Another incredible place to visit is the Ludwig Roselius Museum that features Low German art from the Gothic to Baroque periods.

Tired of the chaotic maze of the concrete jungle? If you're looking for some quiet time then do head over to Am Wall park, residing next to the former defensive moat which provides a good place to relax and lounge around. In Bremen's old town, be sure to visit the Kunsthalle, housing several fine 17th-century Dutch paintings, as well as ancient German ones dating as far back as the 15th century.

Bremen is home to several museums. Some of them are: German Maritime Museum (devoted to the nation's sea-faring history), Universum Science Centre (home to some 250 incredible hands-on exhibits showcasing on man-kind, the earth and the cosmos) and the Overseas Museum (superb collections associated with natural history, trade and ethnography including exhibits focussing on the South Seas, Australia and Asia).

When it comes to shopping, be sure to spend some time at Schnoor - where there is a plethora of boutiques selling jewellery, African artifacts, paper models. One can even find a year round Christmas shop there. As for cuisine, do dig into a few of their local delicacies such as an old sailor's meal known as Labskaus (comprising of mashed potatoes, corned beef, onions, fried egg) and Butterkuchen (cake with yeast and sprinkled with lots of butter,sugar and almonds).

The stay options in Bremen are abundant with the best luxury hotels, swanky apartments and cheap accommodations being available for the tourists to decide which kind to prefer based on their budget.

Bremen experiences moderate oceanic climate. The best time to visit would be in May, June and September when the city is pleasant and crowds are less.

143 الفنادق في Bremen

الفنادق الاكثر شعبية في Bremen, Germany