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A trip to Berlin to witness the incredible Berlin Wall is an absolute must. Select a great hotel from over 500 choices.
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A historical saga nobody will forget

With remnants of historical structures still reminding the city of it's turbulent past, Berlin has whizzed ahead to develop and progress into a cosmopolitan hub that it is today. The German capital and the largest city of the country is rightfully the center for culture, politics, media and science. No more divided as East Berlin and West Berlin, the united city is a shimmering cocktail of fragile history, contemporary architecture, colorful culture, scrumptious gourmet, sparkling night life and one of the best party destinations in the globe with their underground techno clubs and sky bars.

This is a no-brainier as all tourists will undoubtedly place the iconic Berlin Wall in their must-see list. Do visit the remaining few residuals of this famous Wall that once divided the country. Symbolizing hope, inspiring artwork from artists all over the planet can be seen along the East Side Gallery, longest stretch of the Wall. Head over to Gedenkstatte Berliner Mauer to view a graffiti-free stretch that has been preserved by the authorities. Holding an enormously high emotional and historical significance, the Checkpoint Charlie was one of the well-known crossing points of the Berlin Wall.

Symbolizing the reunification of East & West Berlin, revisit past by stopping by at Brandenburg Gate, only remaining city gate of Berlin. Adjacent to it is the Holocaust Memorial that pays a powerful homage to the departed Jews. History buffs can stop by the beautiful Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, majestic Berlin Cathedral and historic landmark Reichstag as each possesses a fascinating and captivating story to narrate and take you way back in time. The Victory Column in the city is a major tourist haunt that draws millions of visitors to it every year.

Art & Artifact lovers can get lost in myriad museums that are housed in this metropolis such as Museum Island that holds 5 distinct museums such as Bode-Museum ( Byzantine sculptures), Altes Museum (ancient Greek and Roman artifacts), Alte Nationalgalerie (biggest collection of 19th century sculptures and paintings), Nues Museum (prehistoric pieces and Egyptian Art) and Pergamon Museum ( Greek and Babylonian antiquities). The renowned Ishtar Gate and Pergamon Altar are also located here. Other museums in this city are DDR Museum (hands-on museum about politics) and Jewish Museum (Home to Halocaust Tower). View the stunning gold domed New Synagogue - Jewish Center in all it's glory after it was revamped and restored in the mid-1990s.

Tired of the hustle-bustle of the concrete jungle, feel closer to nature by strolling around Tiergarten, urban public park in the heart of the metropolis. Dominating Berlin's skyline, the Fernsehturm - TV Tower - is one of the most recognized landmarks in the globe. The tallest structure in the city stands proudly at 368m (1,207ft) with visitors taking the elevator upto 203m (666ft) to the observation deck to catch a breathtaking view as well as capture panoramic shots of the beautiful city. Head over to Potsdamer Platz to catch a royal glimpse of how cosmopolitan Berlin is today. With high-end shopping complexes, luxurious restaurants, sleek skyscrapers and high-rise building piercing through the sky, the area is a visual delight for those seeking urban and modern entertainment.

Berlin is an extremely stylish city with a great fashion sense that caters to all sorts of tastes. Whether you're looking for punk attires, designer clobber or vintage attires, you will find it in this city. Even today there is still a slight difference in the sensibilities between the two portions of the metropolis, with West Berlin housing traditional retailers and designer boutiques and East Berlin being much more quirky and bohemian in contrast with it's night markets and flea markets. If price is an issue, then stop by at Garage (Ahorn-Strasse 2), where apparels can be purchased by the kilo.

Berlin is known for it's world-class gastronomy and diverse culinary specialties. Epicureans can dig into a staple Berlin delicacy known as Currywurst - sliced bratwurst coated in ketchup and curry powder. They can also gorge into the scrumptious Doner Kebab, believed to have been originally invented by Turkish immigrants housed in the city. Known to be one of the best party cities in Europe and possibly the planet, the nightlife in Berlin is undoubtedly booming, vibrant and colorful. So dance the night away or sip delicious cocktails in any of the underground techno clubs and sky bars found in the metropolis.

Berlin is home to an array of stay options that house the best luxury hotels which are preferred by the richie-rich as well provides cheap accommodations and apartments to fixed-budget travelers.

Berlin experiences maritime temperate climate. The best time to visit the city would be from June to September when the weather is pleasant and conducive for a vacation.

1333 الفنادق في Berlin

الفنادق الاكثر شعبية في Berlin, Germany