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Whether you head over to a uber-modern bath or an ancient Roman bath, refreshing yourself in the therapeutic mineral waters of Baden-Baden is always detoxifying. Select from over 500 hotel choices.
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Spa Paradise

Refresh and rejuvenate yourself by heading over to Baden-Baden, a fun spa-town built around thermal springs. Housed in South-Western Germany's Black Forest and bordering France closely, this European nation is a beautiful picturesque resort designed as a holiday-retreat for tourists to soak themselves in the healthy and therapeutic mineral-waters. Apart from it's world-famous spas, Baden-Baden is also renowned for sports like golf, tennis, equestrian sports such as horse-racing, hiking and skiing.

Kick-start your vacation by visiting the numerous spa centers spruced around the city. Head over Caracalla Baths - uber-modern 4,000-sq-meter bathing and therapy hub that features two circular pools and a massive central fountain. The spa is brimming with 12 natural springs rising up over 1,900 meters from beneath the Florentiner Mountain at a steaming temperature of 69?C. Other highlights comprises of hot and cold rock grottos, whirlpools, swimming pools, saunas and water jets. One can also head over to another incredible spa attraction - Freidrichsbad, Roman-Irish Bath and experience a luxurious 17-step spa treatment program set in a stunning 170-year old Roman backdrop. It's a wonderfully relaxing and detoxifying for a tourist who is tired after all the travelling.

Baden-Baden is home to several well-preserved and well-maintained Bath ruins. A classic example is the Soldiers' Bath beneath today's Friedrichsbad spa and sports ancient floor and wall heating systems along with a two-meter-high Roman wall. Visit the city's cultural hub, the Kurgarten (Spa Garden) which is the center for several attractions of Baden-Baden including numerous events and festivals. Marvel at the beautiful buildings such as the Trinkhalle or Pump Room and the stunning Greek-Romanian Chapel, erected in 1863-66 with it's interesting tombs.

Stroll along the pretty Lichtentaler Allee park and walk among different varieties of trees such as chestnuts, magnolias, limes, oaks and maples. Other notable attractions are the Gonneranlage - a magnificent Art Nouveau garden possessing more than 400 kinds of roses, the Cistercian Abbey of Lichtental - home to the Princes' Chapel and the Museum of 19th Century Art & Technology - displaying the life of Berlin painter Lesser Ury. Wander about the crowded and dense Old Town of Baden-Baden in it's narrow crooked alleys and winding laneways and marvel the stunning Baroque-influenced architecture, the Gothic Stiftskirche - comprising of a tomb of Margrave Ludwig Wilhelm called Turkenlouis and the 17th-century Convent of the Holy Sepulchre.

Some of the museums worth visiting are the Faberge Museum (exhibits showcasing of over 700 unique pieces with the highlight being the Rothschild Faberge Egg, estimated to be over EUR11 million in worth), the Baden-Baden Museum (dedicated to learning about the town's rich and glorious heritage) and the Museum Frieder Burda (collection of master-pieces and extraordinary works from eminent personalities). Baden-Baden's Old Town is brimming with numerous fountains and cascades particularly in the Paradies. The cascade in the Paradies is served by an underground spring and the water plunges down from an impressive 40 meters. History aficionados will love visiting the Old Castle and the New Castle which gives them enough knowledge to delve into the city's past. Music lovers will enjoy paying a visit to the Opera House for not only is it the largest in the country but is also renowned for it's eclectic programming.

Baden-Baden is packed with abundant stay options. The richie-rich craving for the best luxury hotels and private apartments can do so and at the same time the budget travellers seeking modest and cheap accommodations will find plenty of choices as well.

Baden-Baden experiences Marine West Coast/Oceanic climate. The best time to visit the city would be from June - September as they nice a pleasant average temperature that is conducive for travel.

133 الفنادق في Baden-Baden

الفنادق الاكثر شعبية في Baden-Baden, Germany