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Dance the night away at Ayia Napa

Giving Ibiza a good run for it's money, Ayia Napa (also called Agia Napa) is a premier party destination for Europeans as well as tourists globally. Residing in the far eastern end of the southern coast of Cyprus, this resort is famous for it's sparkling nightlife and long stretches of golden-brown sandy beaches perfectly blending with shimmering deep blue-green waters. Hard to believe it was just a tiny fishing village several years ago for it is now one of the most-visited holiday retreats in the world.

This Mediterranean resort is brimming with an array of beaches that are excellent hotspots for little bit of fun and frolic. When in Ayia Napa, be sure to head over to one of the most popular tourist attractions, Nissi Beach. If relaxation is in the agenda, then hire a sun lounger or umbrella to lay underneath the shade and enjoy the cool sea breeze and the spectacular sunset. Various activities such as banana boat rides, water-sports and a host of restaurants and cafes are sure to provide the visitors with as much entertainment as possible. Clubbers can groove the night away with several trendy bars and dance clubs that are featured in the beach. Folks travelling with kids can stop by at Makronissos Beach or Sandy Bay that are less crowded and more targeted towards families.

Interested in learning more about the mythical Ayia Napa sea monster? Then head over to the Cape Greco that straddles between Ayia Napa and Protaras. Although there have been no photographic evidence, folklore and several sightings from tourists and locals has earned the creature it's nickname: The Cyprus Loch Ness. Moving beyond the beaches and the water bodies, take a trip to the renowned Monastery that dates as far back as the 16th century and marvel at the 600-year-old fig tree and marble fountain.

To learn more about the aquatic heritage that this resort-town possesses, visit the Tornaritis - Pierides Museum of Marine Life and the Thalassa Museum that strives to educate the tourists with the diverse and rich marine fauna of Cyprus and the Mediterranean sea. Other notable sightseeing points include a Sculpture Park and Sea Caves. The 'I love Ayia Napa' monument is popular with the tourists wanting to take snapshots with the stone structure in the backdrop. If vacationing with kids, then one of the most popular attraction is the Water-world. This Greek mythology-themed water park is known to be the biggest in Europe.

A paradise for shoppers, Ayia Napa has a plethora of designer boutiques and beachwear clothing shops housed in the Nissi Avenue and Archiepiskopou Makariou Avenue. Since Cypriots are well known for their affinity for branded shoes, there are several shoe stores in the resort as well. Designer sunglasses and watches are some of other goods that are famous in this area. Shoppers looking to experience the true essence of Ayia Napa can head over to a few markets such as Ayia Thekla Market held on Wednesday mornings and Winter Market that are set up during the winter months that sell a wide variety of trinkets and souvenirs.

Ayiaa Napa is not called the 'dance party capital' for no reason. Attracting maximum amount of young people who love to party until the crack of dawn, the Mediterranean resort is a haven for clubbers. Be sure to head over to The Square where one will find all sorts of themed clubs of pop culture such as Flintstones, Titanic and so forth. When it comes to culinary, don't forget to try out the scrumptious mouth-watering local delicacies served in the Cypriot cuisine found in many of the traditional restaurants and cafes scattered in every corner of the street.

Ayia Napa houses some of the best several upscale and high-end hotel stay options that is perfect for the luxury-craving tourists. The resort is also home to comfortable and cosy hotel apartments that are cheap and affordable which will surely delight backpackers and budget travellers.

Ayia Napa experiences Mediterranean climate with long warm summers and short, mild winters. The peak tourist season is July and August as the resort is packed with a variety of events. A good time to holiday in Aiya Napa is from May to October irrespective of whether you want to head over there for partying or to simply relax and unwind.

198 الفنادق في Ayia Napa

الفنادق الاكثر شعبية في Ayia Napa, Cyprus