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Not many are aware of Hong Kong\'s young neighbour Shenzhen. Learn more by visiting this incredible destination. Also, choose from over 500 hotels.
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الفنادق الاكثر شعبية Shenzhen

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Hong Kong's seadate neighbour

Though Shenzhen is one of the younger cities of China as compared to other big and older heavy-weights such as Beijing and Shanghai, this metropolis still packs a mean punch. The megalopolis is located in the Guangdong Province and is close to Hong Kong. With avant-grade infrastructure, uber-modern shopping complexes, luxurious hotel chains and upmarket restaurants, Shenzhen is a far cry from the modest farming village it once used to be.

Kick-start the tour by visiting the Splendid China Folk Village. This theme park comprises of two areas - Splendid China Miniature Park & China Folk Culture Village. The park talks about the history, culture, art, ancient architecture, customs and habits of different nationalities. There are miniature versions of all the attractions in China such as the Great Wall of China, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace, Terracotta Army and so forth making it all possible to 'explore' China in one day.

Want to move beyond China and explore the world in a day? Then spend some time strolling around Window of the World which brings the world's most renowned monuments to your feet. Walk past the 108 meter tall (354 ft) replica of the Eiffel Tower and saunter past the Pyramids and the Taj Mahal. This theme park comprises of 118 attractions that are split into nine areas: World Square, the Area of Asia, the Area of Oceanic, the Area of Europe, the Area of Africa, the Area of America, the Area of Modern Science and Technology Entertainment, the World Sculpture Park and International Street. Learn more about this beautiful planet of ours through historical relics, folk performances, cultural nights and so forth.

Spend a day at Shenzhen Happy Valley which incorporates 9 sections such as Spanish Plaza, Cartoon City, Adventure Mountain, Gold Mine Town, Shangri-la Forest, Hurricane Bay, Sunshine Coast, Happy Time and Maya Water Park.There are over 100 rides and attractions that will delight both the young and the old. Built on the banks of the Xili Lake Park, wild-life enthusiasts can stop over at Shenzhen Safari Park. Split into three parts: The Vegetarian Area, the Wild Animal Area and the Walk Performance area. Tourists can kick-back and relax at the biggest swan lake in China and view elegant swans swimming peacefully.

Stroll around the peaceful Fairy Lake of Botanical Garden, housed on the eastern suburb of the city. Nature lovers can spend a quiet time exploring an enclosed cacti as well as greenhouse and the woods packed with fossilized trees. Beach-a-holics can relax and lounge around in two of the best sea-side resorts in Shenzhen - Dameisha and Xiomeisha. Grab a bite in any of the seafood restaurants strewn around and tourists can purchase sea-side souvenirs and knick-knacks from the array of stores lined up.

When it comes to shopping, shop-a-holics can walk around the Dongmen Pedestrian Street for there are several department stores, chic boutiques, shopping complexes housed there. If you're keen on eletrical products, then head over to Hua Qiang Bei. Beer enthusiasts can try out the popular Chinese beer, Tsing Tao or Shenzhen's own Kingway Beer from a plethora of watering holes spruced around.

The stay options in Shenzhen is plenty with the richie-rich craving to be at the best luxury hotels and private apartments. Similarly, budget tourists and backpackers can opt for cheap but comfortable accommodations.

Shenzhen experiences subtropical climate. The best time to visit would be during autumn - November to early January as the temperatures are mild.

1774 الفنادق في Shenzhen

الفنادق الاكثر شعبية في Shenzhen, China