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Sarajevo is a significant city that played a chief role in creating history. Plan a trip to this metropolis to see how it happened and select from over 500 hotel choices.
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A city that changed the world

Owing to an event that triggered World War I, Sarajevo is well known due to it's turbulent history. But there's more to the vibrant capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina than being defined by it's tumultuous past. This multi-cultural city is renowned for it's religious diversity for Islam, Orthodoxy, Catholicism and Judaism have stood toe-to-toe for many centuries.

The event that changed the world! History aficionados can rush to the spot where Franz Ferdinand was shot down by Gavrilo Princip, a fateful event that eventually led to World War I. Adjacent to it is the Museum of Sarajevo which gives elaborate details on that eventful day and provides more information on the city's turbulent history prior to the conflict that sent ripples across the planet. Stroll around Satri Grad (Old Town) and marvel at the unique mesh of neoclassical and Ottoman era architecture and admire the numerous attractions such as Sarajevo Old Orthodox Church, Sarajevo Cathedral, Gazi Husrev-beg Mosque and the City Hall - neo-Moorish building. Nearby is the Emperor's Mosque and the Latin Bridge.

While the city was under siege in the past, an underground tunnel beneath the airport was the only way to get in and out of the metropolis for numerous residents. Today, get a lesson in history as you can get to walk along the length of this famous and renowned underground passage at the Tunnel museum. Visitors will also get to learn more about the days that were plagued by the Bosnian war. Sarajevo History museum is home to over 300,000 exhibits and folks are enlightened about the Balkan history as well as the Bosnian war.

If hiking is in the agenda then the hills surrounding Sarajevo is fantastic. One can even procure memorable snapshots of the abandoned 1984 Winter Olympic sites from atop. The hills are also a great place for catching glimpses of different species of birds. One can even tour the quaint and quiet hillside subrurbs such as Bistrik. The outskirts of Sarajevo is home to a public park known as Vrelo Bosne which features a spring of the River Bosna, residing along the foothills of the Mount Igman.

Head over to the Bjambare cave, perched in densely-thick woods and lakes, and marvel at nature's best creation such as stalactites and stalagmites. Those interested in skiing can trek to Mount Bjelasnica and Mountain Jahorina to indulge in some of the best winter-sporting activity seen in all of Europe. Truly a paradise for winter-sport lovers! For sweeping and breathtaking shots of the city, head over to the the Avaz Twist Tower. This skyscraper stands tall at 176m and is famous for it's twisted facade.

When it comes to shopping, the Old Town are packed in with an array of independent shops selling merchandise such as decorative Arabian lanterns to copper coffee sets and handmade carpets. Traditional goods such as woodcarvings, ceramics, woollen items, Serajevo wines, folk-art, tapestries, embroidery and leather boxes are available abundantly. Bosnian handicrafts are quite popular as well. Tourist souvenirs such as engraved artillery shell casings can be purchased at the Bascarsija bazaar in Sarajevo.Those who wish to indulge in urban shopping can visit any of the shopping complexes such as SCC, BBI, Alta and Importanne.

When in Sarajevo, be sure to dig into a few of their delicacies such as ?evapi - Bosnian kebabs - small grilled meat sausages with a lamb and beef mix and served with onions, sour cream, avjar and Bosnian pita bread. Those with sweet tooth can gorge into a Baklava - flaky pastry packed in with nuts and drenched in sugar. The nightlife in Sarajevo is shimmering with a host of bars and dance clubs in Sarajevo, said to be some of the best in South-east Europe.

The stay options in Sarajevo is abundant with the best luxury hotels, expensive private apartments as well as modest and cheap accommodations. So tourists can choose the kind of holiday package they want based on their budget.

Sarajevo's climate is said to bear influences of oceanic, humid continental and humid subtropical zones with four seasons. The best time to visit the city would be between April and October as the temperatures are relatively pleasant.

223 الفنادق في Sarajevo

الفنادق الاكثر شعبية في Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzigovina