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Buenos Aires is packed with colorful and vibrant lanes where natives and locals partake in street tango. To view this spectacular event, plan a trip and book in a great hotel after browsing through 500 options.
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Tango till your heart's content

Buenos Aires is a mix of several colourful and vibrant elements that makes it the vivacious metropolis it is. This South American city is extremely European in nature with Spanish colonial architecture found in every corner but has not compromised on its Latin American heritage for the Argentine capital is a delicious mesh of street-side tango, mouth-watering steaks and sparkling Malbec wines.

Begin the vacation by strolling around a colourful neighbourhood known as La Boca to feel the true essence of Buenos Aires. Walk past the multi-coloured, corrugated-iron houses that defines the stunning tourist haunt of La Boca. Saunter around the popular Caminito pedestrian street brimming with local arts & crafts. This place is very famous for street-side Tango and you will often find Tango dancers practising in the corner of the lanes. The boulevard is also renowned for football so be sure to tour and/or catch a game at the Boca Junior's football stadium, La Bombonera. Culture & art enthusiasts can wander around the premium Fundacion Proa, exhibiting exemplary and contemporary abstract art.

Famed for being a historical landmark in Buenos Aires, the Plaza de Mayo is the main squares in the city. It has been the focal point of political life in Argentina. The rose-pink Casa Rosada is one of the major central hubs of Plaza de Mayo. Viewed as one of the emblematic buildings in Buenos Aires, it is an executive mansion and the office of the President of Argentina. Declared as the National Historic Monument of Argentina, the impressive structure is also home to a museum which encompasses artifacts linking to former presidents of Argentina.

An interesting neighbourhood that captures the core and heart of Buenos Aires is the quirky San Telmo. Stroll around the narrow and cobbled streets brimming with ancient run-down buildings. Walk past the labyrinth lanes overflowing with cafes, book stores, antique shops and artist studios and stop by a bar here for a glass of sparkling Malbec wine. Pay your respects to the ones who have departed by visiting the Recoleta Cemetery. Founded in 1822, there are tombs of writers, scientists, national heroes and former presidents, all of whom who played a role in getting Buenos Aires and Argentina where it is today.

Need some respite from the hustle-bustle of the city? Then spend a relaxing afternoon strolling around the Japanese Garden. This peaceful green space is a park is packed with Asiatic shrubs and trees surrounding a small lake. Buenos Aires Ecological Reserve is a 360-hectare (890-acre) is now a luscious park. Visitors can hire a bicycle and ride in the specific paths provided and one can catch glimpses of several species of birds. Some of the museums worth visiting are Latin American Art Museum of Buenos Aires (collection of Latin American art; globe's foremost modern art galleries) and National Fine Arts Museum (European paintings and sculpture along with a Argentine art).

When it comes to shopping, Buenos Aires offers a fantastic experience in all of Latin America. Do ask for Mate sets (Argentina's national drink) as also silver jewellery, wines and a tin of dulce de leche (sweet, sticky caramelised milk). Stroll around the neighbourhoods of San Telmo and La Boca to pick up souvenirs. Procure tango-themed gifts in San Telmo while La Boca is a good place for vintage football shirts - both for Boca juniors as well as the national team. As for cuisine, Buenos Aires is famed for its beef-centred delicacies which are available in any of the restaurants around the city.

The stay options in Buenos Aires are plenty with the best luxury hotels, private apartments and cheap accommodations available for tourists to decide which kind to opt for depending on their budget and taste.

Buenos Aires experiences humid sub-tropical climate. The best time to visit would be during the winter months (June to August) as the weather is relatively mild.

934 الفنادق في Buenos Aires

الفنادق الاكثر شعبية في Buenos Aires, Argentina